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Become the Musician YOU Have Always Wanted To Be!

  • Have you always wanted to play guitar but never knew where to begin?

  • Have you ever wanted to impress your friends and family with your guitar playing?

  • Have you tried to learn on your own, but got frustrated, confused and gave up?

  • Have you ever felt distressed with the lack of direction in your own practice?

  • Have you ever felt like you were stuck in a rut and unable to get out of playing the same things?

  • Have you always wanted to express yourself musically but didn't know how to do so?

  • Have you always wanted to play with others but feared that you wouldn't be able to keep up?

  • Has practicing the guitar ever become more of a chore then something you enjoy?

  • Are you passionate about the guitar and wanting to make serious breakthroughs in your playing?

Learning how to play the guitar doesn't have to be painful and here is why...

If you answered "Yes" to any of the questions above, you are not alone... and you are at the right place to find solutions to your problems.


We have certainly felt this way! This is perfectly normal and many of our students have also expressed these exact fears to us. Getting to a level of confidence on the guitar can be extremely frustrating, no matter what your goal is or your experience level.


In our experience, we have found that working with a dedicated and patient master guitar instructor is the most effective solution to overcoming obstacles.

What has been holding you back from reaching your goals?

Many of us have certain fears or beliefs that hold us back from achieving our goals. Outside of those fears, it's also easy to get lost in the sea of information available out there!


Some of the common methods for learning how to play the guitar come from studying books, DVDs, Youtube, and online crash courses. The issue with these methods is that they primarily teach in a content driven, rather than application based fashion. These methods of instruction are also more supplemental rather than foundational. This can result in a giant waste of time and money because you are constantly being overwhelmed by new information before you've even effectively learned to apply the specific concepts you need. Depending on what your personal goals and experience level are, the path to success becomes clearer and is achieved much faster when working with an instructor who charts out the path for you, coaches you, and keeps you motivated and accountable along the journey.

Is any of this sounding familiar to you?

Hi, our names are Samantha Russell and Amber Russell and we are professional guitar instructors, coaches and mentors for serious guitar and electric bass students in Portland, OR! We have taught hundreds of students to overcome their fears and achieve their goals rapidly. We continuously strive to be the best that we can be so that we can provide real value for our students... Not only for their musical goals but for their lives as well. We are fully committed to making every student's experience with the guitar empowering and fun, and to bring them from ordinary people to extraordinary musicians - fast!

During our own guitar-playing journeys, Amber and I had many similar experiences to our guitar students. We experienced all of the same frustrations and became confused and overwhelmed constantly by the sheer amount of information available. Neither of us had a guitar teacher who sat us down and asked us about our goals, laid out a plan, and seriously tracked our progress. The classes were always focused on information rather than application and training. Rather than continuing that trend of instruction, we committed to doing things differently.

Our personal mission is to create a holistic, encouraging, and efficient environment to inspire our students to become the best musicians they can be. We ensure that every student is given the skill sets necessary to take all of the concepts they are learning to turn them into something musical, exciting, and personal to them.

What Lessons Will Give You...

Being able to play some of your favorite

Today is the day to take action – what is there to lose?

You have to be honest with yourself and ask yourself why you haven't taken the step yet to become the guitar player you have always dreamed of being. Nothing but time is holding you back. If you aren't sure, we have complete confidence that we can help you. So much confidence in fact that we offer a free introductory session to all prospective students to get the opportunity to meet us, go over your goals, our teaching methods, and any questions/concerns you may have. You will also learn which formats we have available that will best suit your needs. As we mentioned before, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to learning. We understand this and that is why we like to meet our prospective students in person first and determine the best possible fit. If there is no risk, and no cost, then there is no reason to hold back any longer. Take action by calling or pressing the button below to schedule your free introductory session right now! 





P.S. We're looking forward to meeting you and learning about your goals!

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